Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Give Back?

Yes we do. Most of our products plant FIVE trees for every one sold. We also help with awareness of local cause and events, animal rescues, and more. For information on our Sustainability Story, please click here.


Where are Pnwonderland Products Made?

All of our products are made and/or printed in Portland, Oregon. Of course blanks and component parts are made elsewhere (both domestically and abroad), but all of the production is done right here in Pnwonderland.


Why do you Advertise?

We understand advertising may be annoying at times, but we strive to build a better community through the revenue generated. We do our best to present solid brands and products, relevant to you, our community. We have lived in the Pacific Northwest our entire lives and believe in quality partnerships where we can put money back into our local community at the end of the day. 


What do you consider Pnwonderland to be geographically?

There are many different definitions of what the Pacific Northwest means geographically. We consider it to include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska. 


How can I submit a photo?

Simply use our #pnwonderland and #pnwonderdogs hashtags on your photos. We are constantly looking through them for unique perspectives, locations, and furry friends. 


Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

As long as an item has not been used or damaged, we are more than happy to receive it back as a return or exchange. Simply send it back to: 

Pnwonderland / Prink Tech 

17401 NE Halsey St Suite D

Portland, OR 97230

Please include your order number, whether you would like it returned or exchanged, and what you would like it exchanged for. 


What kind of dog is Evergreen? 

She's a gorgeous mutt! We actually did a doggy DNA test on her and it came back as Lab, Collie, and Chow. For more on Evergreen's story, click here