About Us

I am Tommy, the founder and Creative Director of Pnwonderland. I was born and raised in Oregon and have a deep love and appreciation for the natural beauty and incredible people in our region. You can often find me outdoors exploring with my wife and dogs, capturing moments with my camera (@mrtommyblades), and slowing down to enjoy the simple things in life like a cup of coffee or a local beer.



I am Garrett, Partner and Business Manager of Pnwonderland. I was also born and raised in Oregon and actually grew up playing soccer with and against Tommy for years. You can find me hard at work in Portland, where I oversee all manufacturing and shipping of Pnwonderland products. My sidekick Nelson is always by my side grunting words of encouragement too. 

Pnwonderland was created to connect like-minded and passionate people throughout our region, build a unique and positive community, and give back to this beautiful place we call home. We passionately support the artists and makers within our community and showcase what makes the Pacific Northwest so special. From photographers and painters to woodworkers and musicians, we love coming together to inspire people not only in the Pacific Northwest, but also around the world.