Tommy Takes On: The Oregon Coast Day Three

Hey everyone! Very excited to continue sharing this awesome journey through the Oregon Coast in collaboration with @thepeoplescoast! 

Day three was just as action packed as one and two. After a solid night's rest at our awesome hotel (Land's End, VERY highly recommended) in Cannon Beach - we woke up bright and early to catch sunrise. In fact, there was not a single day that we missed either the sunrise or sunset. 

I have always been incredibly fond of the foggy and moody mornings that we often have along the Oregon Coast. The weather had been so unexpectedly nice and sunny on our trip so far, which was also very refreshing, but this morning was packed full of classic northwest weather. 

Instead of heading straight to the beach, I really wanted to find some unique locations and perspectives. I love seeing the classic spots but equally love finding something completely new. I found some gorgeous easygoing trails that run along Ecola Creek that blew me away. The early morning fog and light came together perfectly and put on a show. 

I especially loved seeing the old schools that lay just a few short steps away from the beach. The kid in me just imagined the final bell for the day ringing and a stampede of kids heading towards the sand and waves. 

After walking throughout the town, Evergreen and I headed off to the classic Haystack Rock and caught it at the exact right time. The day's first light gently hit the top of the rock and continued to blow us away. 

After enjoying a quick break, breakfast, and coffee from across the street at Insomia Coffee - we loaded up the car and continued to head north! We made quick stops in Seaside, where we ran into a man flyfishing along a coastal lake and Gearhart, where I re-lived some younger memories as my high school soccer team would have a retreat there every year. 

Next stop, Astoria! We had the pleasure of staying at the Cannery Pier Hotel and were once again completely blown away. Our room had a clawfoot tub, fireplace, and a bunch of goodies for Evergreen. There was even a dog bed! The views were absolutely stunning as well, I can't imagine a better hotel view in Astoria. You are literally right on the water next to the well known Astoria-Megler Bridge. This was the view from my small balcony, not zoomed in at all. Unreal! 

After another quick rest at the hotel, we set off to enjoy some of the city! First stop, the Columbia River Maritime Museum. As someone who absolutely loves the sea... I loved every second of this museum. I think museums can often be passed up, especially amongst the younger crowds, but this one is worth checking out. The photography that they had on display alone was worth the price of admission in my opinion. 

After that, I followed the sound of the Sea Lions (literally) down the Astoria Riverwalk pathway that follows through the entire town. It lead to literally hundreds of them along docks. Quite the site! The next day we ended up walking the entire Astoria Riverwalk and I would definitely recommend it.

After making our way back to the car, we headed up to the Astoria Column! The Column has a long, winding staircase (164 steps) that when climbed, allows you to soak in a unique 360 degree views that stretch for miles and cities. 


After soaking up these incredible views, we headed back down towards our hotel. We grabbed some food to go from the Bridgewater Bistro across from the hotel, which was awesome, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset along the docks. We watched fisherman come in from a long day on the ocean and took photos of the soft sunset along the water. 

And that is how our day three along the Oregon Coast came to a close. An absolutely perfect day from start to finish. Please stay tuned for more to come!



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