Tommy Takes On: The Oregon Coast Day Six

And the adventure continues!

Tommy here to cover day six of our Oregon Coast adventure in collaboration with The Peoples Coast (@thepeoplescoast)! Today was also action packed from sunrise to sunset. As always, we woke up bright and early to enjoy sunrise. We left our hotel in Gold Beach (Pacific Reef Hotel, awesome experience right on the water!) and went a few miles south to enjoy as much of Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor as we could. This is a linear state park that runs 12 miles long and has some stunning views. I enjoyed a few short hikes and soaked up the expansive beauty.

After enjoying these gorgeous views, Evergreen was dying to run on the beach. Most areas of Samuel H. Boardman have huge overlooks and areas that weren't necessarily safe for her so she had to hang back in the car. It was her turn to play! We cruised over to an awesome beach called Whaleshead Beach. This place ended up being on of my favorites from the entire trip. We only ended up running into one other person and their dog during our entire morning there and Evergreen ran and played her heart out as the first morning light came down on the rocks. As you can tell from our blogs... We are big fans of that early morning light.

After thoroughly enjoying all that this morning had to offer, we hopped in the car and continued north. We checked in at Charleston Harbor to try and catch some more crabbing but unfortunately came up empty handed again. We decided to head over to Coos Bay and enjoy their Boardwalk and check out the History Museum. That's one thing about the Oregon Coast... If plan A doesn't work out, there are still a million different directions and places to go.

After hanging here for a while we headed over to Bandon, which was our final destination for the day. We stopped and explored at the Cocquille River Lighthouse which was a lot of fun. This little lighthouse was first built in 1895 and the adjoining beaches are covered in beautiful driftwood. There was a lot of space here to hang out, relax, and re-charge.

After soaking up the beauty here, we headed over to our hotel and checked in for the night. We stayed on the Best Western at Face Rock and had another awesome experience. They are a great, pet friendly, hotel that is less than a block away from a beach entrance. We relaxed and went through the day's photos for about an hour before getting back out to enjoy sunset along the water. Evergreen ran and had the time of her life and we caught the well known "Wizard's Hat" rock.

Exhausted from some very action packed days, we retreated back to the hotel. We went out briefly and grabbed some food to go from The Loft Restaurant so we could get back to the hotel and relax. This restaurant was awesome though - great food, atmosphere, and service. It was small and quaint, had a great wine list, and views of the water. Somewhere that I would absolutely re-visit with my wife. After grabbing the food, we went back and promptly fell asleep. This was was one of the most active days of all time for Evergreen, and as you can see here, she was out hard with her favorite toy, Teddy.

And that was a wrap on a very active day six! Thank you for following along on this journey, more to come soon!

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