Tommy Takes On: The Oregon Coast Day Four

Hey everyone! Tommy here (@mrtommyblades) excited to share more from our Oregon Coast trip in collaboration with The Peoples Coast (@thepeoplescoast)! Last week, we set off on the second half of our trip which covered the entire Oregon coast from bottom to top. In our first leg we covered much of the northern half and this time we were taking on the southern half. Like many others, I was much less familiar with the southern half of our coastline and much of this brand new to me, which was very exciting. There is nothing like seeing and exploring an area for the first time. Join me as I break down the experiences!

To kick things off, my dog Evergreen (@thatnwdog) and I packed up and drove from Olympia, Washington all the way down to Brookings, Oregon. Brookings is the southernmost coastal city in Oregon and just minutes away from the California border. In other words... This was a long, long drive. Driving the 101 the entire time would have added hours to the already long drive and driving straight down I-5 didn't seem too exciting... So we compromised and drove half and half. Although it was a long drive, it was gorgeous and the sun was shining. Highway 38 between Reedsport and Drain was honestly one of my favorite drives of my entire life... And I have driven nearly the entire United States. Truly a gorgeous area and drive.

We arrived and checked into our hotel not too long before sunset and although exhausted from the drive (about 9-10 hrs on the road), knew that we needed to get out and enjoy it. We ventured to the nearest beach, Mcvay Rock State Recreation Site. Although we had stopped a few times on our way down, Evergreen was dying to get out and run too. She LOVES the beach just as much as I do and when she sees the sand and waves... She gets beyond excited. Once our feet touched the ground and the golden light came down on us, all of the day's fatigue was gone. We were in our element. Surfers and paddle boarders enjoyed the water, people young and old played and walked along the beach, and Evergreen ran her heart out.

We enjoyed the final few minutes of sun and relaxed from the long day of traveling. From our short time there, it was already evident that we were in a different world compared to the central and northern coast that we are used to. Things down here are a little more wild. The waves hit harder and are more unpredictable, the beaches are rockier, and the winds are stronger. All of this comes together to create a new kind of beauty that I was incredibly excited to see throughout the week though.

This day was more about driving and reaching our destination vs. actually exploring and enjoying it - but this little sunset definitely got us excited for the rest of the week. We knew that it was going to be something special.

This blog is a quick one, but it is just an intro to what was truly an awesome trip and experience. Stay tuned to see how the next few days unfold and thank you for all of your support!

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