Spotlight: Bryan Daugherty

"Hi my name is Bryan Daugherty and I am a freelance adventure and lifestyle photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. My work ranges from shooting landscapes to working with global brands such as Nike, Herschel Supply and LG. 

I first got into photography about 3 years ago when I got my first iPhone. From that moment, I was hooked. Constantly taking photos and uploading them for my friends to see. I started to build relationships with the people around me who shared the same interests. I took any advice that I could and learned as much as possible. In 2012 I decided to download Instagram. Back then the app was much different and it was not nearly as popular as it is now but the idea was the same. The thought of being able to capture a moment, post it and get instant feedback from a community of photographers and friends is what really drew me to the app. Fast forward to July 2014, I received a direct message from the @instagram account informing me that they put me on the Suggested User list. In the 2 weeks that I was on the Suggested User list, I went from 4,000 followers to 46,000. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this has had a massive impact on my career. I get to create sponsored posts and content for brands on instagram as well as work on global campaigns. Being able to constantly create sparked the continuing passion that I have now and I would have never guessed that I would be doing what I love as a full time job. 

Staying passionate about photography has always been easy for me. Theres always going to be people that are better than you and pushing you to get better. For me, my biggest inspirations are Ravi Vora (@ravivora), Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl), Scott Borrero (@scottborrero) and Sam Fan (@samalive). These guys are constantly inspiring people every day and telling a story with their images. 

My favorite photo that I’ve taken was a photo of Crater Lake at night. It was about 20 degrees outside but I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. Usually the milky way is hard to see with the naked eye but it was so clear on this night, that I could see it in the reflection of the water. Shooting at night has recently become my favorite time to shoot because it feels much more personal. Getting out there in the early hours of the morning with a couple of friends and having the place to yourself is worth losing sleep over."

Bryan has continuously impressed us with breathtaking photos everyday. He has been able to inspire thousands of people with his passion for photography, and his audience is rapidly growing. The Pacific Northwest has produced some amazing photographers and Bryan is a perfect example. He is able to balance his personal creativity while working with elite companies such as Nike, Herschel Supply and LG to produce amazingly unique content. We are extremely excited to see where Bryan's photography career takes him in the near future and we wish him nothing but success!

You can find more of Bryan's work on his website,, his Instagram, @Bdorts, and his Tumblr,

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Jake Chamseddine