Spotlight: Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey

"My name is Alex Bailey and I am a Portland based photographer. I take landscape photographs primarily around the pacific northwest and wouldn't have it any other way. I got into photography by really starting to explore the pacific northwest with friends and eventually wanted to document these trips. It’s hard to not be passionate when living in such an amazing location.  There’s something new around every corner and I think that’s what keeps me motivated to get out there as much as possible!"

I personally have known Alex for a while. He is an extremely passionate photographer and has a "go getter" attitude. Driving hours to one destination to experience an amazing landscape or night sky is never a question for him. With such an open personality he truly is able to make shooting photos a very unique experience and extremely fun. We believe Alex has continuously been able to capture the pacific northwest in a unique eye and that is why we chose him for this spotlight!

You can find more of Alex Bailey's work at his website,, and at his Instagram @AlexBaileyPDX

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Jake Chamseddine